UrbaNeXt logo

Our Mission & Habits

UrbaNeXt will impact education equity by offering a Christ-centered school that accelerates student learning, promotes self-discovery, and prepares young people to live out their purpose.

The UrbaNeXt Habits:

  • Be here. Be on time. Be prepared.
  • Choose a good attitude.
  • Remember to have fun.
  • Make Someone’s day.
  • Be there. Be a friend.

Our Vision

The UrbaNeXt vision is to help students identify their passions beyond the classroom, and develop individuality through Christ. We facilitate a culture of learning and risk taking in a challenging yet safe educational setting; while encouraging critical thinking that enables students to become powerful and thoughtful leaders for their school and community. Preparing students for their next steps beyond high school, including in the workforce, their communities and their personal relationships; while building resilience in our students to have the self-belief and skills required to thrive and overcome challenges in life… Is the UrbaNeXt way!!

North Star

Partner with Christian ministries and communities to offer a
Christ-centered, academically rigorous school that prepares
our young people to flourish in their calling.

Therefore my brothers and sisters,
make every effort to confirm your
calling and election. For if you do
these things, you will never stumble,
and you will receive a rich welcome
into the eternal kingdom of our Lord
and Savior Jesus Christ.

2 Peter 1:10 – 11