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UrbaNeXt Receives Runner-Up for CareerView XR Grant

On March 15, 2024, CareerViewXR, an immersive career exploration platform, unveiled the recipients of its inaugural Production Grant, a groundbreaking initiative boasting awards exceeding $100,000. This initiative aims to redefine how students delve into career pathways by leveraging virtual reality to transport real-world job environments into classrooms. Winners were selected based on a combination of demonstrated financial need of their schools, their ability to add unique perspectives to the CareerViewXR content library, a focus on measurable impacts of the platform on students’ career journeys, and a demonstrated model for successfully implementing the CareerViewXR platform in their communities and beyond.


The CareerViewXR Production Grant garnered interest from a wide array of applicants hailing from schools and educational institutions across over a dozen states. Inspired by CareerViewXR’s recognition as a 2023 Yass Prize semifinalist, the grant seeks to democratize immersive career exploration for tens of thousands of students nationwide, while fostering partnerships with forward-thinking schools, organizations, and industry pioneers. Collaborating with these partners, the CareerViewXR team aims to craft new immersive career experiences into the platform’s extensive library.


While three institutions emerged as winners, Wheaton North High School, LUMIN Schools, and St. George Municipal School Unit, nine others showcased exceptional merit as runners-up. Among these, UrbaNext from Cincinnati, Ohio, stood out, reflecting a commitment to advancing career exploration despite not clinching the top spot. As a runner-up, UrbaNext will be awarded 12-month subscriptions for up to 1,000 students.


UrbaNext’s recognition in this space underscores the impactful strides made in fostering immersive career exploration. Such acknowledgment affirms the dedication and vision driving UrbaNext’s endeavors in the educational landscape.


Looking ahead, CareerViewXR anticipates leveraging this year’s partnerships and platform implementations to fuel future growth and development. Planned case studies, impact stories, and collaborative doctoral research will illuminate the platform’s efficacy, laying the groundwork for continued expansion. The company eagerly anticipates opening the application window for next year’s CareerViewXR Production Grant.