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UrbaNeXt to be awarded a 2023 Yass Prize Quarterfinalist

UrbaNext’s selection as a quarterfinalist for the 2023 Yass Prize underscores our pioneering efforts in revolutionizing education from pre-K to higher levels. Alongside other outstanding quarterfinalists, we represent the forefront of modern education, embracing personalized methodologies with a Christ-centric focus that redefine traditional learning approaches.

Among the 64 remarkable quarterfinalists, UrbaNext stood out to judges for our groundbreaking initiatives and creative and unconventional learning environments. These initiatives not only reshape the learning experience but also foster more inclusive and effective education strategies.

The Yass Prize, now in its third year, serves as a beacon for education innovators nationwide. With over 2,700 applications from school leaders across all 50 states, the rigorous selection process, led by 1,000 judges, identified 33 finalists who showcased transformative projects at the annual Semifinalist Showcase.

Driven by a core belief in education’s power to shape our children’s futures, the Yass Prize celebrates and amplifies the impact of innovative educators and organizers like UrbaNext. Beyond recognition, the Yass Prize fosters a community of changemakers dedicated to advancing education in the United States through networking, mentorship, and financial support.

Reflecting on the past year’s journey, it’s evident that education is not merely a means to an end but a catalyst for societal transformation. By uniting with like-minded individuals and organizations, we can collectively build a more educated, engaged, and resilient populace.

Whether you’re an educator, policymaker, or advocate for education, there are numerous ways to contribute to this movement. Whether it’s spreading awareness for organizations like ours, igniting momentum in communities, or advocating for policies supporting educational innovation, every action shapes the future of education.

In celebrating UrbaNext’s recognition as a Yass Prize quarterfinalist, we reaffirm our dedication to excellence in education. Together, let’s unlock the full potential of education and empower the next generation of leaders to thrive in a rapidly changing world.

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